TiEs: Titanium, Einsteinium & Co.

Thanks to my 6th-grade knowledge of the periodic table of elements (and a quick confirm online), I am able to come up with a scientific subject for today’s post. According to smarter people than I, Einsteinium has no known compounds, so my Titanium-Einsteinium dream may only be a reality on the sun, or someplace hotter than Illinois.

Well, now that I’ve got the periodic table up, I can have some fun with with it. My name (S-Au-C-I-Er) would make up a compound of sulfur, gold, carbon, iodine, erbium. Yes, that ranks up there with one of the gooberiest things I’ve ever done. Erase!

Van the Man Heusen

So, what got me here was gold. My Tie du Jour is a Tie d’Or. Quite apropos for the holiday season, I must say, and ’tis a gift from the mystery package from last week. The third in la collection mystérieuse, the TdJ is from Van Heusen, which, according to their website can only be found in their outlet stores (and various resale shops). But, it is an eye-catcher, and I liked picking up the small flecks of gray (British translation: grey) in it with my gray shirt.


I’d like to demonstrate here that I can indeed use my brain: I’d like to present Chip Crain’s next holiday tie, on time and without forgetting for a day or three. Wheee! Using your noggin’ is FUN!

It was 30 years ago today…one of the coolest ever GWT, John Lennon, was killed in 1980. I wasn’t quite eleven years old, and barely knew what it meant for the world to lose him so early. And I realize there are about a billion or so people out there who are probably bigger Beatles fans than I, but it’s strange to think he was 41, the same age as I am now. Not to say that he would definitely have changed the world or my life in it, but you never know what he and his opinions could have managed in the internet age.

My friend Jenny passed along some great pics of some quilts that have been crafted out of ties. Here are a couple of my favorites. Couple equals three today, apparently.

Thanks for reading…Brooke (the dork)


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