It’s fun to stay at the Tie.M.C.A.

I didn’t actually stay there, but I did attend a play on YMCA property this evening.

The Mudlark Theater company, which puts on plays in the YMCA Auditorium, is an Evanston organization that provides a theatrical experience for youths. The program contained their mission statement, and while I’m pretty sure it was much more eloquent, I’m absolutely sure that they provide more than merely theatrical experiences. It’s just very late, and I’m not in an expounding mood. That’s why I put the link on there.

Perhaps I am in an expounding mood. Today I spoke with Jim Davis, the Artistic Director of another theater company, the Next Theatre. They end their ‘theatre’ with ‘re’, which is the British way. Metre, spectre. mothre-fu*kre, you know the drill. I had originally written ‘Mudlark Theatre’ above, and on the link, but had to change it so that it went to the correct website. I’d like to change my mind on the expounding statement from the prior paragraph and expound on this: Is any board time wasted on which way to spell a theatre/theater company? I’ll wager that there is, and I’ll wager that there have been board members who have left because of it.

Maybe I should go to sleep. I will savour it.

After a decent night’s sleep that has taken me well off the loopiness of 1:30am, This Is Just To Say was indeed a fun play, and its cast included a lot of Julia’s friends (she went with me; I try not to attend children’s plays without my 9-yr old chaperone). My friend Michael Miro directed the performance, and his vest/tie combo gets him to GWT status. Mike’s in my Leadership Evanston class, and I may need to borrow his cool purple tie. I’ll give it back, Mike, I swear.

Upon my bi-weekly trip down to the mailbox, I was welcomed by a package that contained a Title Nine shopping bag. Contained in that Title Nine shopping bag was not a great-looking sweater from Title Nine, but 5 ties. All very very different from one another. The donor very obviously had been reading the tie blog of the donee, and knew that resale ties of many fabrics, persuasions and hue were what he liked. The donor, or donoress, is, however, a mystery. No name written on the package. No name written on the Title Nine bag. After thanking folks for getting me up over 10,000 page views for 100D100T, I find myself thanking the person who gave me the ties (all 5 of which will be featured during Gift Tie Season Month). Thank. You.

Proceeding on to the Gift Tie du Jour, or Cravate Mystérieuse Numéro 1. It has no brand tag, but it is very obviously a vintage strip. One small tag remains, and I’m just not sure what it means. Where it says ‘All Silk’, that is pretty obvious, but then it goes on to declare “Weighted up to 35%.” Hmm…more mystery. No biggie, but it’s a great tie–plenty of texture, which I dig.

On the Tie du Thursday (my bolo adventure), I forgot to put my friend Chip’s second Xmas tie, so now I’ll put ChipTie Nos. 2 & 3.

Red shirt = Xmas fun

Speaking of Christmas ties, my roving 100D100T photographer, Mother Version (i.e. my Mom) snapped this shot of Jim Shepherd, General Manager of the Santa Rosa Beach Club, down in my parents’ neck of the woods.

And we have a new cat-egory. Get it? Cat? My friend, and bow-tie-o-phile, Dan Murrell sent this in. Yes, someone fashioned a tie onto a kitten…I presume it was not Dan. And the only thing better than one cat with a tie? Two of the cute little buggers. Don’t say I didn’t get you anything.

Thanks for reading. Meow…Brooke


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