4-Lane Tieway

Injury update: Many thanks to the well-wishers in the past month. I have definitely turned several corners towards recovery, as I can go nearly all day without feeling any twinge whatsoever in my neck. The headaches are mainly gone, and, as with the neck spasms/cricks, arrive with a minimum of discomfort, relative to the pre-Thanksgiving wince-makers.

Again, I turn to a gift tie, the 2nd in the mystery pack sent to me last week. La cravate mystérieuse numéro 2. Voilà. Like Friday’s cmn#1, this is definitely of the vintage variety. It is wide. Thus the subject referring to a highway, as in, this tie is wide enough to drive on. Car or moped is up to you. From the house of Beau Brummel, its red square pattern on a field of blue brings to mind a patriotic board game, somehow. Or a patriotic arcane arcade game, like ‘Pong’ on acid. Not sure if either of those analogies will make any difference whatsoever, in your world, your life or mine…I guess that’s just the late-night meanderings of someone who is about to cut this blog post short.

Alors, thanks for reading…Brooke


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