Can’t spell “Martini” without T-I. You’ll have to buy the E from Vanna White…

…which you can’t spell without T-I-E. Is Vanna still turning letters? What a career…how many words has she actually spoken on-camera?

We passed a big hurdle today on my second day of honoring gift ties that have come my way: I actually remembered that I was honoring gift ties that have come my way. Score one for the brain! And so soon after that miserable Flexeril made me so stupid (OK, I know some of you are saying, “You mean, more stupid?” Cut it out.)…


My Tie du Jour was given to me well over ten years ago. Diane introduced me to the martini during our courtship (“Brooke, meet the Martini. Do not drink more than two of these in one evening.”), and found this hand-painted tie for a birthday or Father’s Day or something. The label says “Do not drink more than two…” Just kidding. The label says, “Handpainted by Siobhan. Bozeman, Montana, USA.” Alas, Siobhan of Bozeman does not seem to be Google-able. I really like the blue background color on this tie, and of course the martins* and olives are perfectly funky, too.

*by the way, that’s not a typo. My parents and brother have called martinis “martins” for years. Creative, yes, I know, but that’s what we do, we Sauciers. Here’s another cocktailing tidbit about the Sauciers: They have called Mondays “Martini Mondays” for quite some time now.

Let’s see, we have some fun extras today…where to start, where to start?

Ah, yes, a great fellow is one of the newest Guys With Ties member: Mark Schroeder, Director of Community Relations at Evanston Hospital (one of four hospitals in the NorthShore University HealthSystem) was one of my hosts today, along with Sean O’Grady, a member of the Chamber’s board (aaaand himself a fellow GWT alum).

This evening I went over to the Lorraine Morton Civic Center, to show support for my friend (aaaand GWT alum) Paul Hletko, as he continues his quest to open a distillery in Evanston, the home of the prohibition movement. A movement which, gladly for our purposes, died about 80 years ago.

While there, we attended a zoning meeting with Dennis Marino, the Assistant Director of Planning with the afore mentioned City of Evanston. He said he’s usually a turtleneck guy, so we caught him on a good day (for me).

Along the wall leading into City Council chambers are portraits done of our mayors over the years. I snapped a couple of MWT (Mayors With Ties, of course). I forgot to get the name of this one, but I liked that his moustache is as big as his teeny-tiny bow tie.

I did, however, get the name of this fella. William Dyche was a mayor of Evanston who had served as Business Manager for Northwestern, and had led the campaign to raise bond funds to build Dyche Stadium. The Northwestern football team played there until 1995, when, in a flash, the stadium was razed and rebuilt in a matter of moments! It was then named Ryan Field in honor of Patrick Ryan, who raised funds to perform this engineering miracle.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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