Can’t spell ‘Turkey Dinner’ without T-I-E…

This is a special Black Friday installment of 100D100T. Well, actually, it’s not really that special, since I’ll be posting about the Tie du Wednesday, but I guess I just felt like calling it special.

But first, let’s go to our medical correspondent for an update on my searing pain. Since I last wrote, I’ve had a couple of miserable mornings, where it felt like my skull was about to break up into three or four pieces. It felt like it took the vicoprofen forever to do its pain-relieving magic. However, the Flexeril was pretty quick to relax the neck muscles, but that just seemed to focus the pain on the nerves, as well as the aforementioned splitting skull. Flexeril is also a stupid-maker, by the way…I forgot to bring something to Diane’s for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, and when I went to the Flat to pick it up, I forgot it again in the car. Duh.

Today, however (and can everyone please perform a collective knock on wood?), is drug- and relatively pain-free, so I hope this is a trend that continues throughout the holiday weekend. I’ve run out of Flexeril, so hopefully my road back to general intelligence will continue as well.

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of tryptophane

And so, with my wits about me, I present the Tie du Jour! From the house of JT Beckett, it’s a tie that I chose to celebrate the arrival of the pilgrims on the Mayflower. There is a ship depicted on the TdJ, although I don’t think it’s the Mayflower. It looks more warship-py, but it’s my blog so I can call it whatever I want. My dad found this somewhere and gave it to me for the blog, so I’m glad I could wear it with a purpose.

Speaking of tie gifts, in honor of Black Friday, as well as the rest of the [insert correct number here] shopping days ’til Christmas, I am going to wear gift ties as long as I can. I have a bow tie, a bolo tie, and several other ties that people gave to me that I still haven’t sported. So, the art of gift-giving will go on as long as I can keep it up. If you’d like to give me (or loan me) a tie to be featured, please send them to me: Brooke Saucier, 495 Sheridan Road #1W, Evanston, IL 60202.

And, this is as much a gift as a tie: Girl With Tie alum Marsha Hagney pointed out to me that the movie Up features a pretty cool tie scene. At the beginning, there is a montage of Carl and Ellie Fredrickson’s life together. He wears ties all the time, but around the 2:30 mark there are some fabulous ties that she adjusts for him. Beyond the ties, though, this is pure storytelling magic. Watch this sequence…it’s probably a little better if you watch the entire movie, but it stands up on its own.

On this Thanksgiving, I am grateful for my readers. Thanks for reading…Brooke


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