Tie Left Foot

After a few days straight of a lot of goings on, it was nice to have a Thursday to hunker down at work, and get to some catching up. Of course, that meant getting behind on the blog again. But, it’s not as drastic as last week’s lateness felt. I was really thinking it was the end–my ties were all looking like the same tie, and I wasn’t even realizing that I was putting off the blog. Now, as I mentioned, I acquired a few new ties last week. I got some ties in the mail from a dearly beloved, recently deceased friend of my parents (my parents mailed me the ties, not the dead friend); a friend bought a very fun bow tie at a resale shop; another friend bought me a bolo tie on a trip down in Texas; I went to that Fashion Focus Chicago event, and got some great GWTs and made some fantastic connections; and, finally, I stopped at an out-of-the-way resale shop today (well, on Friday, at least) and found 8 new (to me), unique ties.


Do not adjust your set


Little bit of a casual Thursday, as I opted to go suitless. Not to say that I was pantsless or shirtless; au contraire, I was quite pantsful. Just wanted to put this tie with this shirt, and thought it would look better with a pants/sportcoat get-up. So, what do I go and do? Take the most out-of-focus picture I think I ever have. Crap, look at that thing! I have half a mind to go home and recreate this shot. But, alas…

I’m glad I took a closeup shot of the little design on my Tie du Jour, which is from Tie Rak. This, I think, is my 3rd entry from Tie Rak, which may have been an old tie store. I really like that name, Tie Rak. Very simple, but it has some connotation of a well-stocked closet.

Thanks for reading…Brooke



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