Can’t spell “Ticker Tape” without T-I-E…

So, I’m not sure how many attendees of Monday’s Fashion Focus kickoff event had an economic speech on their schedule, but I can’t imagine the number was much more than 1. Oh, life, you are crazy and you are polar.

Yes, I followed up the local fashion debut of 100 Days, 100 Ties with an early wake-up call to attend the Economic Outlook Breakfast, hosted by the Evanston Chamber, Evanston Inventure, Downtown Evanston and the City of Evanston. Did you just yawn? Yes, I think you did just stifle a yawn! What about economics would make you…oh. Yeah. Yawn away. I understand…I got a D in my sole Econ endeavor at the University of Illinois. Guns and butter, is all I remember.

Dais brought to you by the Hilton Garden Inn

Podium brought to you by the Hilton Garden Inn

Anyway, we’ll start out with the inaugural EWT (Economist With Tie), Charles “Charlie” Evans, who is President of the Federal “Fed” Reserve Bank of Chicago. The gentlemen accompanying him in these pictures are: Bob Yohanon of First Bank & Trust (left to the left) and Ron Kysiak of Evanston Inventure (left to the right).

Mr. Evans spoke about the present state of the economy, and I’m proud of myself for staying awake (I did NOT during my U of I Econ 100 experience…thus the D). Just kidding, he was very engaging, and quite forthright in the face of a difficult-to-discuss topic. Forgive me for getting up on my soapbox here, but one thing from this session (which had about 100-120 people in attendance) forces my hand. If I could change one life, or one minute in a life, by saying this, that is worth it, so here goes: If you’re chosen to ask a question to a featured speaker, and if there are others with questions, please please pleasePLEASEfortheloveofGodandallthatisHolyPlease refrain from using 700 words, 5 minutes or both to ask your stupid question. Your oratory self-fellatio is/was groan-inducing, and no one likes hearing your voice nearly as much as you. Oh, and your shirt/tie combo sucked.

Ah, that’s better. Let’s see, I did get another GWT from the event. It’s actually kind of silly that I just got one other GWT, as the ties were out in full force. Kent Swanson, CFO of the John Buck Company, wore a tie with shooting stars, which he said were definitely symbolic of the day’s message.

I, too, wore a tie that fell into the theme of the economic day. It’s from Alynn, and, at first glance, looks like a pit of vipers (which kind of symbolizes the day as well). But, actually, it’s a ticker tape…yes, yes, that’s how I chose the subject. See, it’s not rocket science. Anyway, this is another tie from my friend (and GWT alum) Joe Smith; I think it’s the 3rd or 4th of his 8 that he gave me.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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