The tie chromosome

This blog (yep, still hate that word) is still a part of  me, and now that I’m catching up on last week’s, um, tardiness, I’ll have to see it remains in my fabric. So deep…

I ended last week with a casual Friday that found me perfectly matching a new (to me) tie with a shirt that I’ve had for a while. The Tie du Jour is from Polo by Ralph Lauren for Mark Shale, and the stripes really caught my eye at Classy Closet a few weeks ago. The blue field with a large pink stripe, flanked by yellow/white/green smaller stripes, could have presented a tough assignment matching it with a shirt. Well, the easy way out would have been to plop it onto a plain white or blue shirt. But, remember that fabric. That DNA. That’s just not my way. I had an old Borrelli (you can just FEEEEELL the quality) button-collar shirt with nearly all of the tie’s colors represented.

I first read about Borrelli in this GQ article. Mind you, I didn’t spend $450 on this shirt, but it’s a good one nonetheless.

Okay, I’m caught up. Have a great week. I know I will–there’s a special event this evening that will be covered here, I promise, by tomorrow morning. Thanks for reading…Brooke


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