Simple Simon met a tieman…

I promise I won’t mention my–well, it rhymes with croprastination–any more. I write when I write.

I can’t believe that I am up to Tie No. 135 (this particular TdJ is actually No. 134, but my “can’t believe” moment is up-to-date). As we head into October, that’ll mean I’m a bit over half a year into this project. Fun doesn’t come close to describing what it’s meant to me to write this. While it has been great to monitor the page views and other blog stats, it has been even better to experience the attention, albeit minor and localized, that I have garnered. The former speaks to my geeky, quantitative side, while the latter screams to the much more dominant extroverted Brookie. When it is no longer fun, it will no longer be written; I am far from that moment, tie fans. Thank you, honestly, for reading.

Alors, the Tie du Jour. It is one of those tagless ties that provoke no memories of where or how I acquired it. It is very possible that it came from my Dad’s collection, which would mean it could have been worn by my brother and I years ago to CBHS; or, it could have been purchased recently. Either way, it was on the tie rack, and it needed to get onto the worn hanger somehow. It’s a pretty dark paisley, with a dark blue field with mainly red amoebae. It went pretty well with this pink and white shirt (a very cool vintage Marshall Field’s with HUGE collars).

What I especially like in this picture is the stain from my Edzo’s patty melt that graces the shirt just a couple of inches above the tie clip. Stay classy, San Diego.

A little preview of the Tie du Today: I wore my tie that I bought online from Lee Allison. You only have a short time (unless they haven’t shut it off yet) to get 25% off of your order. Just type in 100TIES in the promotion code field on the order form.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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