The Prince of Tieds

“For the love of books and the language” — Pat Conroy

That is my inscription that Mr. Conroy signed into my copy of Prince of Tides about 20 odd years ago, after I stammered something about really liking the way he wrote. Yeah, like he’d never heard that before. Then we plotted the violent overthrow of Barbra Streisand’s directorial dictatorship of the movie version. “She will taste her own blood,” is how that lover of books and the language (English?) detailed his plans.

Ohhhh, come on! Like YOU’ve never been loopy on a late night! Yes, of course, I made up the stuff about the blood of Barbra, but my autograph is real.

So, yes, the only thing this has ANYthing to do with ties is that the title was used in my ridiculous attempt to keep the ‘ties’ rhyme/sound-alike puns going. It’s all about the ties here at 100D100T HQ.

And, so, thus, hence, therefore-over, let us take a look at the Tie du Jour. It’s an actively striped number from the house of Brooks Brothers, and I like the different textures that exist in the different stripes. I acquired it just over the weekend at the house of Emanuel, the Classy Closet Consignment Shop. Emanuel Wilder, you may recall (he’s a GWT alum after all), is the proprietor of this resale shop that sells many of its offerings on consignment. They were having their clear-out sale before putting their fall stuff out, and I picked up a handful (neckful?) of ties.

Well, today (yesterday, officially) I just wasn’t up for putting this strip with one of my normally abnormal shirts, so I matched it with a plain old white shirt. I actually like it when someone says I’m dressed on the conservative side, because that means I’m accomplishing a look that I’m going for on the other days.

Last night, while our post-Mash Up euphoria still raged, we hosted our monthly Business After Hours at Hilton Garden Inn, and I added a couple of Guys With Ties to the fold.


Marty Adelberg, of Electronic Merchant Systems, is a semi-regular attendee of our networking events. We’re actually a client of his, too, which is why he got the memo about the striped ties.

What can Brown do for Tony?

Tony Perrino, even though he wasn’t sporting a brown suit and tie, works for UPS. They were there to deliver (get it?) information to our members about an upcoming seminar that we’re co-hosting in October: “Growth Through Global Trade.” I liked the arrow-themed tie that Tony had on display.

And, hey, we even have a new GWB! Yes, I had coffee with a Guy With Bowtie. Joshua Sachs is a defense attorney who just recently re-hung his shingle at his own Evanston practice. He was so cool…before I took his pic, he was telling me he had even better ties to wear. Nope, sorry, Joshua, I takes what you got.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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