Bizarre Love Tieangle

OK, who else amongst you would, upon hearing “Bizarre Love Triangle”, or anything from New Order’s seminal album Brotherhood, get up and dance like you were still in college? Yeah, me neither, but why can’t we be ourselves like we were yesterday? I swear, New Order seemed to be on every mix tape at every party at U. of Illinois. Our football team may suck 9 out of every 10 years, but we had a good time.

toss me a lifesaver

My Tie du Jour, along with the Shirt du Jour, brings to mind the other basic shapes. The TdJ, with its light-blue Life Saver-esque decorations on a midnight blue field, contrasts slightly with the pink square pattern of the white SdJ. The tie is from Bolgheri, a mark under the house of Zegna, one of the preeminent Italian designing families. Cool first name: Ermenegildo. I read recently that the present patriarch goes by ‘Gildo’ (heel-do), but you know if you can get away with 5 syllables in your first name, you’re off to a good start. There have been no sociological studies to back up this claim, of course.

I found this tie on the rack at the Hadassah House resale shop on Dempster. I tell you, their ties are mostly ghastly misses, but they do have some hits over there. And, now that I look at this picture, I see that I can convince myself that it looks like a bunch of Muppet eyes. Guess that’s what I get for writing this late at night.

I did manage to recruit a new Guy With Tie today, at our SOHO networking event (that’s Small-Office, Home-based Office for you acronymophiles out there) today. Russell Vilt is the new sales manager at the Best Western University Plaza hotel in downtown Evanston. I can’t believe I took the picture with him standing directly under one of the lights; I wish you could really see how cool his striped tie is. So many striped ties are diagonal or horizontal…I really like this vertical look.

As I may have mentioned (or not), I had the good fortune to be interviewed by Jessica Rudis, an editor with Evanston Patch, a brand new localized online news source. That said, I had the further good fortune to have that interview published on their website, along with a new moniker: “Necktie Fashionista.” If that’s not something for the headstone (or the urn), I don’t know what is.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


4 Responses to “Bizarre Love Tieangle”

  1. your dad Says:

    Yesterday ’twas the 8th, my boy, unless I have gone dingo in reading calendars and Happy Rosh to you, me laddie

  2. ModFruGal Says:

    Great up…autographs on ties!

  3. Cousin Elizabeth Says:

    Oooh. I love this tie. The blue in it rocks. My preference for ties with blue in them is all your Uncle Gus’s fault for saddling me with a nick name like Sapphire Devil. That also may be the reason my husband spends so much money of sapphire jewelry for me as well.

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