A tie in the ointment…

Ick. ‘Ointment.’ That is my least favorite word. It’s so abrupt, and nothing good is ever treated with–gulp–ointment. But, you can’t spell it without T-I-E, so perhaps there are some endearing qualities. Maybe not.

Ugly Tie No. 5

Well, Ugly Tie Week ended with a truly ugly tie. Oh, sure, it’s paisley, which can be cool, but it’s a heinous paisley, blue and red with watermark-lookin’ patterns. And the cheesiest label I’ve seen yet: City Gold. I was almost afraid of googling it, petrified of learning that it was some superstar designer that could do no wrong, and had even saved 100 children with life-threatening diseases throughout the course of his or her lifetime. Come to think of it, no way a woman is the designer behind this tie. Just too damn ugly. Unless, she designed it for an ex-boyfriend and she didn’t want him to ever ever EVER get kissed by another woman. It would be so ugly that, even on days when he wasn’t wearing it, it would so uglify him that he would never be besmooched. By a woman.

Okay, yes, I’m stretching this out because I didn’t do very well with my UTW selections. And, I’m upset with myself for taking all of the weekend to write this blog entry. Totally takes me back to my high school and college days, saving homework until the last minute.

I have some Guys With Ties I need to get out here, too. Barney Peterson, from the Hilton Orrington, makes a second GWT appearance after his visit to our Business After Hours this past Wednesday at Old Neighborhood Grill.

Ambassador Orenstein

Another visitor to the BAH at ONG was Robert Orenstein, a sales agent for New York Life. He is a Chamber Ambassador, and a great, um, well, ambassador for the, um, well, chamber.

I'm somebody now!

Of all the pictures I took last week, to celebrate 100th TieDay, everyone was a really nice person. But, I have to say that I took a pic today of a real jerk. Oh, I can’t keep this ruse going, it was really Steve Martin from the motion picture “The Jerk.” Oh, do I jest. He had this teeny-tiny tie in this scene (his first date with Bernadette Peters, where they eat Cup-O-Pizza, or is it Pizza-In-A-Cup?, and he licks her face and gets in a fight with his tattooed, slutty girlfriend) and I think it’s hilarious. The tie, AND the movie.

And my last one is Marcus Harris, a fella I met through our Lawyers, Guns & Money events (no Guns allowed). I ran into him over on Sherman, and his tie-wearing-status just forced me to snap a shot.

Oops, one more…Greg Washington, a very cool dude who was at the last LGM event, works with Fidelity Bancor. They are a brand new member of the Chamber…huzzah!

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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