Half a cup of rock and tie

Okay, now since I’ve been late for two days straight it seems like the norm. Darn me and my wanton unwillingness to get hooked on gingko biloba. Come on, it’s just one little gingko, man. Everybody’s doing it…it’s cool. Man.

Somehow I don’t think there ever was an ABC After-School Special on the societal ills of herbal remedies. Perhaps that would have helped me in this situation. Hey, ABC, let’s get with it.

The Tie du Jour du Yesterday is from Metropolitan View, the house brand, so to speak, of Bloomingdale’s. I’m a bit bummed about the picture (nothing new there), as the blue is not quite captured. It’s more of a cornflower blue and really jumped off of the blue and green stripes of the shirt, which had some seersucker fabric qualities to it. This was found/rescued at the Salvation Army store on Kedzie & Chicago, here in Evanston. Buck-ninety, if memory serves (yeah, yeah, I know it usually doesn’t)…

Okay, let me sneak in this (likely penultimate) bit on the World Cup. I am downright depressed about its coming to an end. I should feel the opposite–it’s the final, there will be a NEW champion (Spain and Holland have never won football’s biggest prize), and I’m going to win my pool–but I’m going to miss the every day excitement. Well, I’ll only be 45 when it goes to Brazil in 2014. Perhaps I’ll finally head down there. Aunt Mathilde (from Sao Paulo), lead the tour! I’ll buy the caipirinhas! Anyway, it’s been an interesting tournament…weird balls, scandalous referees, Teutonic youth, Dutch optimism, Iberian magic all wrapped up in a beautiful continent that has never presented itself on such a stage.

Have a great Friday…I’ll post on the Friday Freebie at some point today (or tomorrow, nah hah!)…Thanks for reading…Brooke


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