Can’t spell ‘Gifted’ without T-I-E…

Yes, I like those “Can’t spell…” bits, and No, I’m not calling myself ‘gifted.’ I’ll leave that to my Mom, who knows that I am.

But putting all maternal favoritism aside, I wanted to tell you about a couple of gifts that I received for my birthday.

Thanks Coleen!

Today we have fantastic silk tie, like none other than I have, from Versailles by Piatelli. It was given to me by my friend Coleen-Shannon Licar, office manager extraordinaire for Stephens Dentistry here on the 8th floor (Ste. 807–take a left out of the elevator and follow your smile) at One Rotary Center. Drs. Bob & Jim Stephens took over the practice from their Dad, and just recently they celebrated their practice’s 50th anniversary! Coleen had been reading 100Days, 100 Ties and knew that my birthday was coming up. She took a trip to a resale shop in Arlington Heights, where she lives, and shelled out 60 cents (probably 64 or 65 w/tax) for this bit of psychedelia. I don’t like it…I LOVE IT!

As I mentioned, it’s just nothing like anything I have, or anything I’ve seen. It’s hard to guess if it’s 5 years old, or 50, and it’s really well-made. Because of the uniqueness (and because it looks so freakin’ awesome with it), I thought I’d pair it with my black shirt and go a little Johnny Cash today. By the by, I’ll bet there are other folks who wear black all or most of the time–golf player Gary Player, Supreme Court Justice [insert your favorite SCJ here] and the Grim Reaper–who are pretty upset that Johnny C is the one that gets the ‘Man in Black’ moniker. Evidently the Grim Reaper did something about it. He’s a cold-hearted bastard…who doesn’t wear a tie to work.

A Dad-Guy w/Tie!

We have a couple of Guys With Ties today…this first one was sent to me by my parents, without identifying the wearer. I found out it was one of those very parents! My D.O.D.–Dear Old Dad–Bob Saucier. Unfortunately they didn’t include his head in the photo. I promise you he has one, and he used it to impart a sageness that knew no…yeah, yeah, here’s the picture.

Well, I guess I did say, "Show Your Ties!"

The other GWT is Geoff Brown, a former neighbor and present friend. I tried to get him just to show the knot of his tie over his sweater, but apparently he’s bared his chest at Mardi Gras a few too many times. After admitting that he wore the exact same outfit yesterday, I promised not to mention it in the blog. So, please, don’t read that last sentence, ok?

Well, Happy Monday and thanks for reading…Brooke



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