Can’t spell ‘radioactive’ without T-I-E…

A funny thing happened on the way to googling the designer of the Tie du Jour. Bruno Rossi came up more prominently as an experimental physicist. According to Bruno’s Wikipedia page, he lived quite an exciting life: he won awards, he fled Italy’s fascist regime, he discovered muons and he just basically had a bitchin’ time being smart.

Buongiorno, Bruno!

Here’s where I link him to ties…I’ll throw him into the Guys With Ties bin. Check out this knitted tie! How I wish it were a color shot! The difference in grains on each stripe is molto bene…you just know ol’ Bruno had some co-ed admirers on campus–Italian accent, physics brain…per favore, signorina!

Onward, to today’s selection. As you can tell, it’s from Bruno Rossi, who seems to be more noted, though not that much more, as a purse designer, according to the BagBunch blog.

A very light gray is the backdrop for polka dots of various colors–pinks and blues. It really stood out at the Unique Thrift Store a couple of weeks ago. Yes, it wouldn’t take much to stand out over there, but it did.

Are you seeing spots?

There is a slight smudge off-camera, very hard to tell unless you’re looking for it. Which reminds me of a time-tested adage if you’re looking to start shopping around at thrift stores and resale shops. Adage schmadage: there are some things you need to do while treasure-hunting to ensure that you don’t immediately put in your own reject pile. I’ll go over one of them here; the rest I’ll cover later.

When you find something interesting, you need to tell a story to yourself. Begin that story with a simple premise: Why is this here? You can have fun with this…if it’s a shirt or pants, maybe the previous owner gained weight. Lost weight. Lost virginity. Sometimes the reason can be found. In this instance, there was the smudge. On a great pair of jeans, it may be that the zipper is broken; or perhaps a tiny hole on an otherwise immaculate dress shirt.

Obviously, sometimes the story is not obvious, and that’s where treasures are waiting to be discovered. A wardrobe could have been cleaned out by a girlfriend, or a fed-up mother who would like her 32-year old ‘little boy’ to get his own place. There is always a reason that something fun finds its way to you; just be sure to know it before you get it home.

Well, enjoy your evening. As always, thanks for reading…



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