Hundert Tage, hundert Krawatten

So, I speak French relatively fluently (wine-aided), and I would love to learn Spanish and then Italian.  And, yet, here we go with a German lesson? Hundred days, hundred ties, jawohl!

The label shows their tag line (I guess): Mit Der Schwarzen Rose (with the black rose). Creative bit of German marketing, calling to mind a burnt flower, not to mention the Rolling Stones song, Dead Flowers:

Send me dead flowers to my wedding,
And I won’t forget to put roses on your grave.

Schöne Krawatte (good-looking tie)

Well, jumping from the lovely sentiment from Mick & Keith, today we have a tie from Diolen Star Krawatte that I just love. This one will be hard to avoid wearing over the next 90 tie-wearing days.  That’s right! This is Tie No. 10–cool blue edges with a great, two-tone pattern in the middle.

For the tie bar, I need to give some props to the blog The Sartorialist.  Scott Schuman writes under this nom de blog, and snaps pictures in Milan, LA, New York, Paris, etc, of people displaying a high sense of fashion during their normal walk of life.  I have enjoyed his monthly, 1-page feature in GQ for quite some time, and have recently begun following him on Twitter.

Anyway, one of his tweets led me to this entry, of a Milanese gentleman sporting a club-collared shirt. My eyes went to his tie (of course), and I realized that a tie bar could extend over the edges of the tie. Anyway, I had this sharp, blue tie clip and decided it would be okay to wear it on my thin tie today.

Next week will be hit or miss, as it’s spring break time.  I’ll be coming into work briefly for maybe three of the days, so if you check in later on in the week, I should have two or three new ties to show off.

Have a great weekend…thanks for reading. –Brooke


3 Responses to “Hundert Tage, hundert Krawatten”

  1. ModFruGal Says:

    I too follow the Sartorialist via his blog on google reader..LOVE it. Ties headed your way soon….

  2. Steve Says:

    Brooke? Do you really own a hundred ties? I think I have about four… if I could find them….

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